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Cyber Bitcoin
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Cybtc Review: APGF Wireless FPGA Miner S
Blessed are the miners who have been paying attention to FPGA programmable minin
EBang EBIT E12 Series Bitcoin Miner Laun
Recently, the price of bitcoin has risen from $3,000 to a short time at $8,000,
MicroBT - New Generation Bitcoin Mining
On May 19th, the MicroBT New Product Launch Conference was held at the first Mar
A Block Chainer (ABC) by EHash, build Yo
Recently, the CGMiner open source project contributor Qin Fengling introduced a
Cybtc Review: Avalon A10 Bitcoin Miner
Recently, Canaan released the new Avalon bitcoin mining machine A10. The officia
(2014-9-11) Freshman Tutorial Serial Part 2 :Safe use Bitcoin Wallet
You may use the bitcoin wallets, but you may don't know how to safely use the bitcoin wallets. During my time as moderator of the freshman column, Dreamcolor bitcoin web site, I often be asked for h ...
(2014-9-11) Freshman Tutorial Serial Part 3:Bitcoin, its value and price
Even you have learned how to use bitcoin wallet safy, you must need to practice transfer a few times. Why, let us experience the currency value. Only by actual operation, one can realize its value. ...
(2014-9-11) Evaluation of Rock Bitcoin Miner by Cybtc
The second type of Rock Miner called RK-BOX uses the newest third generation chip of firedcat。RK-BOX has four blades each with 12chips, a single miner is 480-500G, the power is about 500W.This miner ...
(2014-9-12) Avalon3 (2nd Gen ADP single module)Bitcoin Miner Evaluation b...
Avalon3 (2nd Gen ADP single module)Bitcoin Miner Evaluation by Cybtc Before I do the evaluation, I want to quote the Avalon's explanation about why they havedeveloped a brand new ADP board : Since ...
(2014-9-13) Freshman Tutorial Serial Part 4: The cost of bitcoin mining
In case of your believe of the bitcoin currency's price, you have the reason to invest it. Since it is investment, it is necessary to calculate costs and benefits. To calculate costs and benefits, y ...
(2014-9-14) CoinTerra 2T Bitcoin Miner Evaluation by Cybtc
Hello everyone, this is AL.F, it’s been a long time since I released the Butterfly 500G mini rig evaluation, this time I’m going to test CoinTerraTerraMiner™ IV. I ordered it in October last year, ...
(2014-9-15) Freshman Tutorial Serial Part 5: The Opportunity Cost of Bitcoin
If you already know how to calculate costs and benefits, then you may try to start to be a miner, but please don't hurry. Prior to this, you must also know, mining industry has not formed the clear ...
(2014-9-15) Zeus Litecoin Miner Blizzard Evaluation by Cybtc
Zeus has developed a variety of specifications of the asic miner, for the different needs of users.This time we received a usb Asic miner code named Blizzard (Bao Xue).Which using 6 chip, output 1.3M+ ...
(2014-9-16) Freshman Tutorial Serial Part 6: Be careful Bitcoin mining trap
If you already know how to calculate costs and benefits, then you may try to start to be eager for a fight, but please don't hurry. Prior to this, you must also know, mining industry has no clear in ...
(2014-9-17) The Parameters of Avalon4 28nm Bitcoin Miner Chip
Package: QFN56-8X8, 0.5mm pitch Core voltage: 0.65 ~ 0.8V Chip frequency: 400MHz Hashrate: 25-30G (Normal,0.75V) Power usage: 0.45-0.55W/G on ASIC side Each miner include 40 A3222 ASICs, should be ...
(2014-9-17) Avalon Nano Bitcoin Miner User Guide
Avalon Nano User Guide 1. For Windows uer, you ned to instal Avalon Nano Driver and GUI. Before the instaltion, please make sure you have .Net Framework 4.0 instaled. .Net Framework download link ...
(2014-9-17) Silverfish Box 28M litecoin miner Evaluation by Cybtc
Silverfish box 28M litecoin miner is developed by the f2pool team. Mao Shihang(24 age) is the team's founder who bulid one of the world's largest BTC miningpool and twoLTC miningpool 'F2POOL'. The di ...
(2014-9-17) Freshman Tutorial Serial Part 7: Pay the lowest tuition
In order to make things well, you should always need pay off something, more or less, that is tuition. The mining are no exception. The problem is, some fees are too high. To reduce the tuition, the ...
(2014-9-17) Litecoin Scrypt USB Miner Evaluation by Cybtc
Finally,after long expectation,we receive a scrypt usb miner which produce by LK with 8Gb capacity. The dimension of this usb miner: Storage space:8Gb Frequency: low frequency:144K.high frequency:220 ...
(2014-9-18) Bitcoin Miner Rockminer R3 Evaluation by Cybtc
Via last month X type RK-BOX,Xiao Qiang has newest type X3 miner here. The same Frycat's third generation chips, integration of the four boards,each has 12 chips,450g-480GH,Power 500W. What are th ...
(2014-9-18) Freshman Tutorial Serial Part 8: Concerned Bitcoin Market
Aswe know howto calculate the cost ofbitcoinmining,aswe understandbitcoinmachinerelated recessivefeeand machine industrytraps, the restthat weshould do isthat we shouldfocus on the marketing,learn h ...
(2014-9-19) The trouble of Scrypt mining industry
Over the past one or two months,mining base on the algorithm of Scrypthad mushroomed,Gridseed blade mining,Ajie 30M mining,Jingtianmining,SilverFish mining,Zeus miningect.However,by the sales record ...
(2014-9-19) A study from SilverFish mining Manufacture's latest public bulletin
In July 3, 2014, SilverFish mining machine Manufacture announced the operation and financial situation bulletin. This is a rare financial report announcements with the miner machine maker. In genera ...
(2014-9-19) LK Btc Miner 1T Generation 1 Evaluation by Cybtc
I received a phone from SF, 395¥to pay for items, mining machine arrived! 1. Installation: After open the package, there is a instructions, a power cord, a network cable in the box.In my opinion, ...
(2014-9-19) Zeus Thunder 20M X6 Litecoin Scrypt Asic Miner Evaluation by Cybtc
Thunder X6 is one of the low power versions scrypt asic miner made by zeus. The dimension of this miner: Name: Thunder X6 Hashrate:20Mh/s Power Consumption:450W 128 ZEUS CHIPS 6/8 pin PCI-E 12V inp ...
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